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Building site security

APS have teamed up with Robowatch a UK based company that provides constructions sites and properties with on-site and remote CCTV monitoring systems.

CCTV monitoring systems are extremely effective, using state-of-the-art technology to do a superior job of detecting and responding to threats. Our remotely managed CCTV systems cost substantially less than traditional Manned Guarding, as they eliminate the need for expensive on-site static security guards.


Our comprehensive security solutions employ motion sensing cameras that are programmed to detect unauthorised movement. If any such movement is detected, it is immediately reported to our central control center, and the police are notified.

Robowatch invests heavily in state-of-the-art cameras and sensors, ensuring that every threat will be detected and responded to promptly. Our central control center is extremely secure, and elaborate measures have been taken to ensure that security services will never be compromised. If, for some reason, the control center is ever shut down temporarily, Robowatch has made arrangements to establish a mobile command center within minutes.


In addition to security focused CCTV monitoring, Robowatch provides fire safety solutions. The focus of Robowatch fire security is on providing temporary fire alarms for construction sites without the use of cables. Robowatch installs, monitors, and maintains non-hard-wired fire alarms, which are more convenient and less expensive than traditional cable-linked fire alarms. Robowatch fire systems are inexpensive and effective, and rely on Howler Freelink technology.

Robowatch CCTV systems are unique because they are unmanned. Unmanned CCTV monitoring services are superior to traditional manned services, and cost less money. Guards are unnecessary in an unmanned system, removing human error from the equation, and ensuring that costs stay low. Robowatch is also unique in that they employ the most advanced technology available in their systems. The cameras that Robowatch install are varied and specialised, and the transmitter technology in these systems is extremely advanced.

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The building and construction industry benefit significantly from our security systems, as it is cost effective and reduces the incidence of crime. Our CCTV monitoring services continue to provide value and benefit across a broad spectrum of industry sectors including large factories, schools, commercial premises and office buildings.

Robowatch’s Commercial and Construction Site Security Systems outperform traditional manned security and costs 50% less.

24 hours a day monitoring
from just £240 per week for a 6 x camera system.

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