Construction site security

Construction sites can unfortunately be seen as an easy target for criminals or as a playground for vandals. With expensive machinery, tools and materials in plain sight and often unattended, they present a high-value, irresistible attraction to organised thieves and opportunistic troublemakers alike.

Construction site security is one of the pillars upon which APS was built and we have long been at the forefront of identifying and developing new solutions for the protection of on-site assets and personnel.

There are many challenges to be faced by the very nature of construction: limited accessibility, large area, risks to health & safety and fluctuations in workforce are only a few of the main points to be addressed. We thrive on such challenges and have applied our vast experience to offer some genuinely market-changing solutions.

APS RoboWatch Towers

The APS Robowatch Tower is a state-of-the art construction security solution which provides the most advanced level of protection for building sites, and other high-value development/ event/ storage areas, where alternative systems have faced limitations.

As well as out-performing traditional, manned options, this intelligent robotic camera and detection system can significantly cut operational costs – by as much as 50% in some cases – and improve site health & safety compliance.

Designed by our industry-focussed engineers, APS Robowatch Towers can overcome common access problems experienced on established construction and development sites and at temporary events, fairs and festivals.

If we can get to the location with a 4×4, APS RoboWatch Towers can protect it!

Secure monitoring

As you would expect, the comprehensive nature of the APS RoboWatch Tower solution extends to the operational side of things too. Our highly-secure CAT II control room is self-contained and independently powered to ensure business continuity, even in the face of adversity.

APS as your Construction partner

At APS we have a long history of working within the construction industry. Both our management team and our in-field engineers understand the frustrations faced by those trying to protect a high value site containing materials, plant and equipment which is essential to the day-to-day job but unfortunately also of high interest to a criminal element.

As well as protecting expensive, job-critical physical assets, there is also the issue of complying in full with the plethora of current health and safety legislation and quality scheme ‘good practice’ requirements. This combination of responsibilities (and the legal and financial ramifications of getting it wrong) means that the choice of surveillance and protection system is of paramount importance.

From our initial site survey through to our design and installation process, APS never lose sight of the expectations placed on upon us, or upon the solution we provide. We’ve been putting in the hard work behind the scenes for over 30 years now to make sure that anything we recommend is robust, effective and flexible enough to cope with the changing environment and operational expectations. In addition, we have sourced and developed the very best technology which offers good value, not only at the time of installation but also for the lifetime of the contract. With monthly, fixed-cost service packages our in-house maintenance team ensure that clients and their equipment receive the on-going attention they need for continuous peace of mind.

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