Peace of mind at home

Protecting your home and ensuring the safety of the ones you love is an important decision. When you lock your doors and turn off your lights you want the kind of reassurance that can only come from knowing you are being protected by experts who understand your property, your neighbourhood, your needs and your concerns.

At APS we can upgrade your existing system or supply you with an entirely new one to match your security plan and budget. We only offer the most advanced technology and can easily amend or add to every system should your property or your needs change in the future.

With confidence built in as standard

We want you to feel entirely confident of the security choices you make, and we therefore provide you with a full assessment prior to making any recommendations. The tailored solution we propose will then be one which will be specific to your home and your individual circumstances rather than simply being a standard ‘one size fits all’ product.

Our home security solutions start from as little as £399 which includes professional installation and one year’s servicing.

Wireless Systems

Wireless technology has the benefit of being quick and easy to install with the minimum amount of disruption to family life.

APS only utilise the latest in two-way technology to maintain constant vigilance and incorporate high-security encryption protocols to ensure that the communication is never compromised


Our professional in-house team have experience of all types of systems and we can therefore maintain, repair or upgrade your existing equipment to ensure that is entirely fit-for-purpose and meets all current standards.

Our aim is to leave you feeling confident that your system, regardless of type or age, is offering a level of protection which best suits your needs.

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